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A bona fide Vegan Guru answers our questions (....and an EXTREMELY exciting announcement 😍)! 🌱💚

We wanted to reach out to a 'Vegan Guru', and ask them to share their top tips, advice and knowledge with us. We love this company, and as stated on their website, Superheroes Eat Plants are “Changing the Way the World Thinks, Eats and Lives in One Generation” 💚. So when the opportunity to interview the Owner and Founder presented itself, we snapped it up!

The Founder and Food Director of Superheroes Eat Plants, Rebekah Gomez

For those of you who don’t know, Rebekah is a quite the Vegan Guru. Her company, Superheroes Eat Plants, is one of the very few Vegan food companies available in the State of Qatar. Working with schools, companies, delivery platforms, and other brands to bring all things Vegan to Doha, Qatar (and saving the world at the same time)!🌍 Before we get to her words of wisdom... here's the EXTREMELY exciting news.....Are you ready Vego’s (because we nearly straight up passed out....)???????????????

Vegan Pizza is coming to Qatar! 🍕🌱💚

🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Superheroes Eat Plants today announced their brand spanking new Vegan Pizza Range. (Cue the hallelujahs! 😍).

They have partnered up with Sheese, and the delivery platform Akly will be starting delivery this Friday (15th May) 🤤🍕. They are also looking at curbside collection for those vego’s who may be out of range of the Akly drivers too! 🤗

On top of this awesome news, all their burritos and mains sold on Talabat, Rafeeq & Ackly are going down in price, as the delivery companies have finally reduced their prices. You can get yourself a delicious burrito for 40QR and a scrumptious main for QR60!!!

Superheroes Eat Plants Chickpea & Cauliflower Shawarma

For more information on this wonderful company, please visit their website: https://superheroeseatplants.com/

Now onto the words of wisdom. We caught up with Rebekah and asked her to share her infinite vegan knowledge with us. Here’s what she had to say! 🌱💚

On your Superheroes Eat Plants website, you mention that before moving towards whole food nutrition, you and your family were eating more processed Vegan substitutes. Do you and your family still enjoy Vegan junk food? What would be your favourites?

Since taking an interest and subsequently qualifying in whole food plant-based nutrition I’m extra vigilant about what’s in the shopping trolley. That said we’re probably 90/10. On Thursday and Friday evenings we’ll have meals centred around vegan meats and cheeses like burgers, hotdogs and pizza. And of course, we’ve often got Superheroes cupcakes, donuts or cookies around the place. However, the rule is always veggies alongside junk food or all the healthy parts of the meal have to be finished before the sugary dessert. The kids also always think the ice lollies we sell are a treat when actually they are 100% fruit juice. Long may that continue!

Excitingly Superheroes has just launched Qatar’s first vegan pizza. It’s been a very long time coming and I can’t quite believe we’ve managed it. We’ve also partnered with Sheese, who hands down produce the best vegan cheese I’ve ever tasted.

Superheroes Eat Plants Vegan Pizza

So yes, health is the name of the game but health is more than body, elevated comfort food also does wonders for the soul.

Should people be careful with the amount of processed Vegan substitutes they consume, and why? Are there any side-effects which can result from too much Vegan junk?

Whilst vegan junk is helping the animals and the planet it’s certainly not doing much for your insides. And although it’s arguably healthier than an animal-based diet all that fat, sugar and processing is still going to cause weight gain along with a plethora of health complaints. Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you’ll live to 100. Vegans still get heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The only diet known to reverse those diseases is a whole foods plant-based one.

Your Beyond Burger’s are a dream, and every time Superheroes Eat Plants is at my work, I have to force myself not to eat them every day 🤤. Is there a healthier ‘Vegan junk’ food option that we can wickedly indulge in or can I just have a burger a day?

They’re amazing aren’t they??? Beyond is also a clean meat product so you could be doing a lot worse. However, if you want to up your intake of whole foods then opt for a bean burger or quinoa burger. There are so many recipes online, take your pick!

In Doha, I’ve found Lulu & MegaMart to be quite progressive plant-based product stockers. Which supermarkets over here are your favourites?

In the early days, I actually worked with both of those supermarkets to get the products in, ensure they were displayed together and signposted. I still only shop in those two stores for my specialist products.

Other than Superheroes (of course), what’s your favourite restaurant/café, and what’s your must order dish?

Honestly, we all love the Superheroes Family Favourites particularly Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Jackfruit Biryani, after that it’s home-cooked concoctions. But when I head out it’s generally Carluccios for a bowl of Spaghetti Arrabiata and side of Garlic Broccoli. My next favourite is this amazing little Indian restaurant next to our kitchen in the new industrial area. They serve the most heavenly rotis and dhal fry for less than 10qar. I’ve missed them so much since the lockdown.

Superheroes Eat Plants Plain Mac 'n' Cheese

Especially with the current pandemic of COVID-19 and self-isolation, what are your food staples? What’s always in your pantry?

Always in our pantry are: rice, pasta, quinoa, dried beans and lentils, all the Alpro milks, cashews, passata and Heinz baked beans. In the fridge, at least 3 batch cooked boxes of grains and legumes that we share with the dog for quick meals. The freezer is stocked with frozen veg for throwing into one pots and frozen fruit for our daily smoothies and evening nice cream binges – we’re all obsessed with blue spirulina ones right now. On the side we have a constant stock of 4 fruit bowls, I’d say we got through 10kg of bananas a week.

For the love of god please help us with cutting out the oil! What do you recommend we should use instead?

Cooking without oil is super easy. When frying go with water, stock, the liquid from the chopped tomatoes, wine if that’s your thing or dry fry at a high heat and then add you liquid ingredients before everything gets burnt. If you absolutely have to have the oil opt for a spray or use a paper towel to wipe the base of the pan.

We love bread. That’s ok right? Is there any bread to avoid and bread to look out for?

Don’t we all??? I read something once that said, when in a restaurant assume all wine and bread is vegan! That piece of advice has served me well in the company of my non-vegan friends. There’s nothing more off-putting when trying to promote veganism than seeing their faces as you question the breakdown of every item. However, outside of that scenario things to look for are milk, cheese and eggs. Milk is regularly used in standard sliced bread, cheese as a topping and eggs to get that nice shiny brown finish on pastries and buns.

My cashew cheese is never as smooth and creamy as yours at Superheroes. Any top tips without giving the secret recipe away?

The secret to getting cashews smooth is to either soak them for 6 hours or boil them for 20 minutes and then use a high powered blender like a vitamix. If you then need it to be pourable add soya milk until you get the consistency you need.

I’ve tried to use egg replacer and mashed banana’s in the hope to make the perfect cupcake, and they fall flat….literally. What’s your go to egg replacer?

At home I always use flaxmeal. 1 tablespoon of flax to 2 tablespoons of water does the job. However, in our Vegan Cakery at Superheroes we regularly use applesauce. You also need to add baking powder and depending on what you’re making sometimes bicarbonate soda too.

Superheroes Eat Plants Colourful Cupcakes

A few months into adopting a plant-based diet, one of my pals has found she’s getting acne breakouts, have you heard of this happening before? (She enjoys the occasional Vegan junk, but not that frequently 😖).

I would recommend she moved to a no oil wfpb diet for a week and see if things improve. Acne is often hormonal resulting from years of dairy and meat. It could be her body’s way of reacting to the fix it’s become accustomed too. A low fat, whole foods diet with lots of fibre and color usually sort things out.

If you could give one piece of advice to Vegan newbies or people looking to move in this direction, what would it be?

I have three! You need to find your entry point ie what do you care about the most, animals, environment, health or something else. This will serve as the greatest reminder of why you are doing it and how you’ve now aligned your values with what’s on your plate and in your shopping trolley. Secondly, remember it’s a journey, most people gradually transition. Thirdly, you will be challenged by friends and family, resist the urge to get angry or frustrated (remember you were the same just before you decided to switch), instead, get educated so you have an evidenced-based response for every anti-vegan point that comes your way.

And finally, why do people always have an opinion on what I eat now? (ProTeiN? cAlciUm? 😐)

Throughout the ages, the majority rules and the minority is ridiculed until one day the social scales tip and years down the line we are horrified at the way humans acted. Veganism is the greatest social movement of our time but it’s combined with mass marketing and access to information like never before. It is therefore much easier and more comfortable to justify the status quo. Vegans step outside of that way of thinking which make the majority uncomfortable. To try and bring us back in carnists will often repeat what they have heard online or in the media much of which is genius marketing designed to get the world consuming more meat, eggs, dairy and fish. It also helps them justify their behaviour even though deep down they know it doesn’t sit well with their values.

Rebekah, we are not worthy! Thank you for your time, and for sharing your fabulous knowledge with us. We CANNOT wait to get our faces into your Pizzas... and burgers....and burritos....and cupcakes....and biriyani.. and sushi....and on and on and on.......🤤💚🌱🍕.

You can find Superheroes Eat Plants on Talabat, Rafeeq & Ackly, or contact them directly on +974 77711902.

For all catering, event or media enquiries please either email info@superheroeseatplants.com or call on +974 77711902

Please note, all delivery inquiries should be sent to superheroeseatplants@gmail.com

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