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Casbah Sweets 🍪🥧🧁🎂 Review!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

You know when you start munching on something, and it's so good you immediately question if it's vegan? You then spend the entire time going between making "nom nom" food noises and checking the website of the company to make sure they haven't slipped a cheeky egg white in their food? Well, this is our experience with Casbah Sweets. Plant-based, baked goods deliciousness.🥰

The other half stopped mid-way through a chocolate tart and looked at me..."This can't be vegan. No way." He now has plans to buy more plates of their food to trick all his vegan-sceptic work colleagues...mwahahaha. 😈

The vegan community in Doha thrives on a few incredible vegans, who have a passion, and incredible talent for plant-based cooking. We had the pleasure of enjoying a couple of plates of deliciousness from Casbah Sweets (@casbahsweetsqatar)

First up were the supremely delicious and GIGANTIC cinnamon rolls. Every time I pass a Cinnabon since being Vegan, I curse them. "Make a vegan option for god's sake and stop making me walk through clouds of delicious cinnamon baking whenever I pass your shop!" Well now, there's really no need for me to continue this irrational Cinnabon hatred, as Casbah Sweets have nailed it. The icing is incredible, the cinnamon flavouring is perfect and these pull apart like a fluffy pastry dream.

We also tried a sample plate of tarts and lava cookies. The presentation is stunning, and they've obviously put a lot of love and thought into the presentation of their baked goods.

Now the tarts were our stand out favourite. They are absolutely amazing. Have you ever seen a dog growl at someone when they try and take their food away? This was me with the lemon tart....😅 I told the other half, a plate of these would be far more appreciated than chocolates, flowers or perfume...although perhaps not so appreciated by my waistline😬. According to Casbah Sweets, these are a favourite with their customers, and it's easy to see why😍 !

The cookies are super crumbly, packed full of flavour and a real treat. They weren't too sweet, which is great for us. 🍪

The apple tart with toasted almond slivers on top was divine, and a beautiful nod to an apple-pie/crumble in a delicious tart casing. 🍏 🍎

The lava cookies are a mix between a cupcake and a thick cookie, with a similar cookie texture.

Doha folk, this is one to watch, and definitely one to try. You can find a link to their Instagram page at the top of this page or here, or contact them via WhatsApp on +974 7725 3074.

Casbah Sweets, you rock! We can't wait to see you blow up on the vegan & non-vegan scene! 🌱💚

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