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Did somebody say CHEEZE?? 🤤🧀

By far, cheese was my favourite BV (Before Vegan) food. The first week of our plant-based life consisted of a good 80% of my day being consumed with googling Vegan cheeze.

I didn’t really understand how something could taste like cheese if it was made from tofu, cashews or coconut oil. I didn’t understand ‘Umami’.

Umami is another word for savoury taste. This is one of the 5 basic tastes (the others being sourness, saltiness, sweetness and bitterness). Turns out, cheese is a very Umami flavour, and this can be mimicked relatively easily (get yourself some nutritional yeast flakes pronto… more on this later)!

All the Vegan & plant-based pages I was following were full of posts of people hating or loving Vegan cheeses. Most comments for a successful cheese was its ‘creaminess’. The pictures of grilled Vegan cheeze sarnies sent me over the edge, and after many a failed attempt at cashew-based cheeze (the rage was real), and my husband and I set off in search of the best cheezes we could find in Doha.

(The choices back home are ridiculously amazing, and it’s got to the point where if Vegan UK News shows me one more amazing product that’s just come out, I’m getting on a plane. COVID-19 or not)

We tried everything we got our hands on… Chao, Follow Your Heart, Violife, Daiya and Nature & Moi.

Now here’s the bad news first. None of the cheezes we have ever tried raw or uncooked/melted have tasted that good. I really can’t wait to try these artisan Vegan cheezes, or make my own (now that’s gonna be fun….), but for now, this is where we stand.

Here’s the good news. Melted, some of these cheezes are out of this cheezetastic world. No lie.

The winner, of the March 2020 Life on the Veg Cheeze Awards is…….

*drum roll please*

Nature & Moi! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 🌱🌱🌱🌱/5 Seedlings

Creamy goodness alert! The slices make the best burger topping or grilled cheeze. Also, amazing baked into Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. The shreds, or grated versions, melt like an absolute hero on spag bol, nachos or baked potatoes. YAAAAAY for Vegan cheeze!!!!!

Daiya, Follow Your Heart & Chao are close seconds (🌱🌱🌱/5 Seedlings) and are great melters, however, they lacked the cheesier flavour of Nature & Moi (for us anyway). Violife, for us, was an epic fail. ( -🌱/5 Seedlings). 🤮

Now, Vegan cheeze is not on the healthy side, we know that. The other day, I was chatting to someone about cheese and this non-vego just launched herself into my conversation to inform me that Vegan Cheeze is not healthy. No sh*t Sherlock, I appreciate the input… 🙄.

So go forth and cheeze my plant-based loving compadres. Is that the sizzle of a melty cheesy stretchy grilled cheeze sandwich I hear?? 🤤 👂

For our Doha Vego’s, here’s where we found the above-mentioned cheezes.

Nature & Moi – Lulu & Megamart

Daiya – Lulu, Megamart, Carrefour

Chao - Lulu

Follow Your Heart – Megamart

Violife – Monoprix. (Side note - other than stocking Non-Dairy Milk & Beyond Meat products, Monoprix need to sort their Vegan deli section out, pronto.)

Disclaimer - With stock changes, these supermarkets sometimes don’t have stock😱. Please don’t hate me if you mission there and find nothing.. it’s a strong possibility!

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