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Introducing our Vegan of the week.....Dorian!🌎💚🌱

Welcome to the Vegan Earth Takeover Series.

Each week, we interview a worldy Vegan for the V.E.T series.

This is where fellow Vegan's share their top tips and veginspiration! 💚🌱

Name: Dorian

Location: St. Kitts & Nevis (Caribbean)

Vegan for: 6 months

Occupation: Executive Protection

Instagram: @greppy_jr

What made you become Vegan/Plant-Based?

I wanted to take on the challenge of living that different kind of lifestyle. I learned a lot about the benefits of being a Vegan; also inspired by my long time friend Emil (Instagram @Emil_Panthier) to join the Vegan life. He has been a Vegan for a few years and taught me a lot about replacing meat with plant based especially as it relates to my gym lifestyle.

What benefits do you see/feel since becoming Vegan?

Some of the Key benefits I honestly see since switching to vegan are:

•Great cholesterol levels. I used to have high cholesterol prior

•More energy

•Endurance; I get more sets, more reps and I even run for longer periods of times.

•Clear skin; My facial area has literally cleared up from marks and acne

•More Lean muscle mass

Are there plenty of Vegan food options where you live?

Not as much as the US has, but I get pretty good quantity or options where I am. What I do not have I simply order them.

Are any of your friends or family Vegan?

A few friends, yes. I also promote a Vegan lifestyle so I’ve been influencing a few of my friends and people I train to try and make that switch.

Is there anything you don’t like about being Vegan?

Nope! I absolutely love being a vegan and I could encourage it 100%.

What is your favourite Vegan meal/food?

My fav Vegan foods are


SOY Chunks

Quinoa, Barley and Bulger grains

Veg and Fruits; I love fresh greens

Is there any Vegan food you dislike?

I’ve had a few challenges in mastering some dishes into tasting well but, I wouldn’t say I dislike them. Every Vegan food for me is great.

Have you got any top tips for anyone who may be starting a plant-based/vegan lifestyle?


- Vegan doesn’t have to be boring; prepare the goods to your liking.

- Vegan isn’t only about eating greens and leaves.. Research about it, follow good Vegan Instagram accounts like myself, ask questions, see some of theirs.

- Vegan is not just some habit; it’s a lifestyle!

Dorian's final thoughts:

I’ve always wanted to give this Vegan life a try before and I had known very little about it. I started researching about its benefits and how it could work for me and help compliment my fitness lifestyle.

With the help of a Vegan friend named Emil who is based in the US, I was able to get a better understanding of what a Vegan lifestyle can actually mean or benefit one's life. He also referred me to a Netflix documentary called “The Game Changers", I was able to get a better understanding about the Vegan way of life and it's benefits. We’ve since then kept in communication through this new lifestyle, sharing different ideas and also types of vegan products that can be useful.

I switched to a full Vegan diet in January of 2020 and have since used my Instagram as a platform, showing people that a Vegan life can be accomplished through any area of life, whether it be that you’re regular home from work type of person, little/minimum type or fitness activity or full hardcore gyming lifestyle.

Note: What do cows, rabbits, pigs and goats eat?? They eat plants; means they get their protein and nutrients from the plant. So can we! Why do we go to the middle man when you can go straight to the main source, PLANTS!

Thank you Dorian! For more veginspiration, please give Dorian a follow on the Gram @greppy_junior 💚🌱💚

If you know a fellow Vegan you'd like to nominate for a V.E.T, please get in touch with us!

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