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Introducing our Vegan of the week.....Toni!🌎💚🌱

Name: Toni

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Plant-Based for: 7 years

Occupation: Teacher

Instagram: @veganvagrantblog

What made you become Vegan/Plant-Based?

I’ve been vegetarian forever. Just because I thought I couldn’t do without cheese. You know the story. Then I was living abroad for 4 years and when I returned to Germany, it screamed "go vegan“ from every corner: new vegan cooking books, a feature in the papers, an interview with a vegan chef on TV, new vegan products in the supermarkets...so I thought "well, this might be a sign“ and tried vegan. It was easier than I thought!

What benefits do you see/feel since becoming Vegan?

I take it as a beneficial „byproduct“ that I feel healthy and fit. But since I do it for the animals, the best thing is that my moral compass is completely at ease. There is no bad conscience any more nagging me. It feels awesome to do the right thing!

Are there plenty of Vegan food options where you live?

Hamburg is not Berlin but yes, according to happycow there are some 27 vegan restaurants and cafes in Hamburg. I’m very grateful for this!

Are any of your friends or family Vegan?

My sister turned vegan not so long ago which makes me very proud. But unfortunately, a lot of my friends still eat dairy and many even consume meat. It can be frustrating at times, but at least, everyone starts reflecting a bit more on their eating habits. Baby steps...

Is there anything you don’t like about being Vegan?

No. I love every bit of it. Oh, wait: there should be more vegan sneakers though!

What is your favourite Vegan meal/food?

Too many to list them. Food means a lot to me and it’s always a highlight of the day, be it Asian, Indian, Italian food or just a fusion of different styles.

Is there any Vegan food you dislike?

Durian. Tried it 3 times, still not a fan.

Have you got any top tips for anyone who may be starting a plant-based/vegan lifestyle?

Find a vegan friend and talk about your experiences, especially if you’re the only one in your circle of friends. It can get depressing when you feel like the odd one out. Also, allow yourself to take baby steps towards a vegan lifestyle. Every vegan meal helps, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow some time to discover the richness and beauty of the vegan cuisine and you will never want to go back!

Your final thoughts?

I started writing a vegan blog during my sabbatical when I was travelling through South America and everyone told me how hard it would be to keep up with a vegan diet in meat loving countries like Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and the likes. It turned out that there is some amazing vegan food to be found everywhere in this world, and since I love travelling and food, veganvagrantblog.wordpress.com was born. Find me also on Instagram: @veganvagrantblog where I post some pics of my journeys. Veganism is the future!

Thank you Toni! For more veginspiration and INCREDIBLE pics from our friend Toni, please give him a follow on the Gram @veganvagrantblog🌱💚🌱💚

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