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Marks & Spencer's No Chicken Kiev's (Plant Kitchen range)💚

In most cases... Don't believe the Hype...

But not this time. This time, BELIEVE the Hype👏👏👏!! This is an absolute vegan revelation. There is no way on earth that anyone would be able to tell that this wasn't an actual Chicken Kiev.

When I sunk my knife through the Kiev, warm garlic butter oozed out onto my plate, coating the surrounding veg and fries in deliciousness. 🤤🤤🤤. The 'no chicken' was tender and moist and the coating was delectably crispy, crunchy and golden brown. 😍

To cook it, just pop it in the oven on a baking tray (with baking paper) at 200 Celsius, 400 Farenheight for 20 minutes. We served ours with fries, sprouts and asparagus. Super easy and SUPER satisfying. 🤩👏

Marks & Spencers. We love you. Please keep on with the Plant Kitchen range, we are your biggest fans!!! 😍💚🌱!

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