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May I present to you, the one, the only, BOSS LEVEL Vegan Mayo! 😍🙏

Someone threw a jar of Mayo at me......

I was like, “What the Hellmann???” 😬

All mayo puns aside, you can throw these jars of Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo at me all👏 day👏 long👏. There is nothing closer to ‘rEaL mAyO’ that we’ve found so far. It’s so good that I kept checking the ingredients, just in case😜. Another bonus - it’s totally affordable 🤑.

We’ve really struggled with Vegan Mayo, too lemony, too garlicky, too vinegary, and sometimes just straight-up “WTF, how can you even call this mayo 😑?”

Vego Mayo is such a great staple to have in the pantry, especially for pasta salads, salad dressings, or making spicy, flavoured mayo’s. It just adds pizzazz to a plethora of scrumptious Veganised dishes (holler Coleslaw!). 🤤🌱

Doha folk, I found this in LuLu in Gharaffa about 3 months ago (and the love affair started). However, it has since disappeared, and I’ve been reduced to asking friends and family to be my mayo drug mule when they come back from the UK 😬.

Erm. Disclaimer.... it's also not the healthiest (oil, oil, oil), but has nearly the same calorie content as regular mayonnaise. 😅

So get mayonnaise'ing Vegos! My favourite is on a Crispy Gardein Chicken Burger Patty with iceberg lettuce and mayo. TASTES JUST LIKE A MCCHICKEN 😍, no word of a lie.

More on Gardein products soon (I LOVE THEM).

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