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Re-fried Beans & Spanish Rice Burritos 🌯

My favourite Mexican restaurant has been "busy" on the local delivery app for two days straight. If I didn't get my burrito fix soon, things were gonna get hairy...😤

We couldn't go to the supermarket, we couldn't order groceries, we had to come up with burritos from whatever we had in our pantry & fridge.

Cue Old El Paso......

We had a box of the Spanish Rice and a can of the Spicy Refried Beans. Paired that with some tortillas, fried peppers, chillis and onions, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, dairy-free sour cream, siracha, chipotle salsa, mayo and some Gardein Crispy Chick'n patties sliced up (for the husband), and boom. We have our own little taste of Mexico. We didn't have avocados, and this broke my little guac loving heart, but hey, sometimes we gotta go without the things we LOVE. Just until we get our arses down to the shop.

Paired up with the other ingredients, the burritos were divine. Defs add spice to the rice to really make it better, and siracha sauce is a must. Now refried beans aren't the prettiest, but they taste SO GOOD.

Of course, the addition of Guac to any dish elevates it, so perhaps if you are trying this yourself, get some Avo's on the go! 🥑

The husband had a little variation on his, making it a refried chick'n burrito! He ate 5. 😬

Thank you Old El Paso for helping us with this Vego Mexican delight. 💚🌱 Super easy and super tasty.

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