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Shout out to Crossroads Kitchen @ Doha Marriott Marquis 💚

🌱🌱🌱🌱 4/5 Seedlings

AV (After Vegan) times have proved testing on occasion. For a start, the complete ignorance regarding eggs (IT'S AN ANIMAL PRODUCT FFS) has resulted in more than a few awkward conversations between the restaurant and us. Now what's super awkward, is that when we became Vegan, we never wanted to be like THOSE Vegans. We accepted that plant based eating is a very new concept in Qatar, and had read the key things to remember when dining out - (Sides, sides and more sides). I'm not going to lie to you, after you've spent five minutes having the most polite conversation you can muster with someone regarding the vegetarian burger - "Is it egg free & cheese free?" and "can you please only put ketchup on it?", and you get served said burger with lashings of MAYONNAISE, a little piece of your plant-based soul shrivels and dies.

So there we were. A sunny Saturday in February, where all we could think about was an ice cold pint and some lunch. Wary of past experiences, we wondered into Crossroads Kitchen in the Marriott Marquis Doha, fully expecting the awkward and repetitive "no meat, no dairy please" conversation. They didn't have a Vegan menu, but we gave it a shot and ordered the California Maki Roll (no mayo, no crab - cue puzzled look from the waiter) and the falafel wrap and chips (tahini, not mayo).

It arrived, it was Vegan, and it was absolutely delicious. Washed it down with a cold pint of Lager and quickly became the happiest (and most appreciative) little Vegans this side of West Bay. Thank you Crossroads! (Pictured...actual delicacy.)

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