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Shoutout to Crabtonite for their lip-smackingly delicious Plant-Based Burg! 🍔🌱

🌱🌱🌱🌱/5 Seedlings

Qatar, along with half the planet, is strongly urging people to #staythefuckin, as the catchy new anti-spread campaign states. With all restaurants prohibited from allowing in-house dining, most of the nation is heavily relying on takeaway treats from the beloved food delivery services (holler Talabat). Disclaimer....this is NOT healthy vegan, this is JUNK and we 💚 it.

As stated in a previous blog, there is still quite a lot of confusion in Qatar about what Vegan food actually is. Therefore, we don't have a huge selection of options to choose from, and most of us ended up merging side dishes or sticking with what we know. Other than our beloved Superheroes Eat Plants, and a couple of other smaller businesses (big-up blog post coming soon), who can we order from? It's slowly changing, but we still have a far way to go. And while I'm here......Hey...Build it Burger....it's not Vegan if you put MAYONNAISE on it. 🤦‍♀

Enter Crabtonite.

Right so the name contradicts all things Vegan (eek), we were lazy and just fancied some good old Vegan junk ok?! 😳

Checked the menu..... What's that??? ........a Vegan burger??? With what now?..... Vegan Cheese???? Vegan Rocca Mayo????? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?????

Ordered pronto. Side of Cajun seasoned french fries and onions rings?? Erm....YES. 🤤

Now listen up vego-expats. This burg was unreal. Def's a bean burger and a mighty delicious one at that. The Rocco Mayo was out of this world. The bun was soft and squidgy, the burger had amazing flavour and bite, and I don't know what brand of cheese that was.... but god damn it imma find out.

Thank you Crabtonite for this delight (I'm a poet & I know it 😜). Actual delicacy pictured...

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