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The hunt for the perfect sausage…

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We love junk food. Yes, we know it’s supposed to be a ‘Treat’, BV (Before Vegan), we certainly weren’t munching on the Maccy D’s two to three times a week……

Oh my god, but we were. I’m sorry, I lied! We have, and always will love a big old juicy burg, it’s just that now we are all bout that Beyond Burger 🤤. More about that in another upcoming post.

Let’s talk sausages. This has been a huge challenge AV (After Vegan). What started off as not being an issue, (maybe we just need to accept that a good Vegan sausage is rarer than a unicorn??) is now an issue. God damn it I want a hot dog. I want sausage and mash, I want sausage casserole and I want a sausage butty. 😠

Beyond sausage, you were our only hope, and you let us down. How could you? (Insert shouty lady pointing at salad cat meme). Field Roast’s smoked apple and sage sausage, more like no apple, sawdust with a hint of sage.. 🤢.

Now I know that all taste is personal, so I’m sure plenty of you are rolling your eyes and saying “she just hasn’t cooked them right”. But, there is a saviour, and these little fella’s hail all the way from the United Kingdom (through MegaMart for our Doha peeps) from the land of TESCO! 😍

They taste just like ‘real’ sausages, they have a lovely texture and they brown like proper bangers. Hallelujah! (Oh god please don’t run out of stock MegaMart).Hence hotdog heaven. (Above picture of actual vegantastic delicacy).

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