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The Mulberry Tavern - World Vegan Day 💚🌱

Doha Vegans, we have a new friend in the Mulberry Tavern, located in the Hotel Hilton The Pearl.

For this World Vegan Day, we were invited to try a specially put together vegan menu. The restaurant is very keen to cater to the vegan community, and although this menu was especially for WVD, we were informed that with 24-hour notice, you can include these options (or ask for other options) for their brunch, dinners, and lunches. They are keen to be a friend to the herbivores, and we LOVE it. The pub itself has the most wonderful outdoor terrace, perfect for these cooler nights as we head into winter.

To start, we had the tempura vegetables and the grilled veggie bruschetta.

The tempura batter was delicious. Crispy, well seasoned, and we SWEAR had a chip shop batter feel about it 🤤! Cripsy coasted courgettes, zucchini, and asparagus was the offering, we would have loved perhaps a floret or two of broccoli and cauliflower in the mix, but still, it was divine. It came with a sticky sweet chili sauce to dip which complimented the crispy veg perfectly.

The bruschetta was fluffy, light, with a delicious crispy crust. The veggies were perfectly distributed and with a little bowl of balsamic vinegar for dipping, we were in heaven.

For the mains, we had the pumpkin & mushroom risotto, and the bbq cabbage.

The pumpkin & mushroom risotto is just the perfect autumn recipe. Rich, creamy, and with a delicious umami flavour, this was a main we'd order again and again. The crispy mushrooms on top provided a lovely contrast to the dish.

When the BBQ braised cabbage came out, it honestly looked like BBQ sticky ribs, we were amazed 😲! The bbq flavouring complemented the cabbage (which we were surprised about), however, we felt this wasn't really a main, more of a side dish. Add some crispy potatoes on there, and perhaps a few other delights and it would be a great main.

Onto the desserts!

This structure from heaven is the passionfruit mille-feuille. Layers of crispy phyllo leaves sandwich the passionfruit gel with a generous dollop of passionfruit sorbet on top. Oh my god. I could eat this all day, every day, for the rest of my life. This was my favourite dish, hands down. The tang of the passionfruit, with the crisp of the phyllo....oh my word.

This is the Almond pudding with coconut sorbet. Now the other half, before vegan, was a little obsessed with rice pudding, and to his dismay, he hasn't found, or been able to recreate a vegan version. Enter Mulberry Tavern. Watching his face light up with that first bite was priceless... (think the movie Ratatouille, when the critic tries the ratatouille...). Creamy, decadent, and with mutters of 'this can't be vegan', it was incredible.

So hats of Mulberry, and thank you for joining the few hotels in Doha who are starting to open their eyes, and cater to our fabulous community. We will be coming back VERY soon.

For reservations, please call 44924630 💚🌱

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