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This just in... becoming Vegan is ridiculously easy. 🌱

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In the BV times, (Before Vegan), I would think absolutely nothing of polishing off a block of extra mature cheddar cheese. Starter? Cheese. Main? Steak. Dessert? Cheese. All the cheese and all the steak, all the time.

And then, one day in late December, I watched something. A little green lightbulb went off. So, I forced my husband to watch it, and he became hooked. Then, we watched something else, and then something else, and within three days of the first little green bulb appearing, my husband and I were 100%, plant-based foodies. A shout out to the documentary that set this all off - Netflix’s Game Changers. 💚

There were no pre-vegan thoughts, there was no experimenting with plant-based meals, it was just a straight-up ‘Holy Shit’ moment. At this point, you should know that if you’re not a fan of expletives…my blogs are probably not for you.

Determined not to be “those Vegans” (to be explained at a later date..), we decided this plunge into plant-based living was purely, and selfishly, for health reasons only. 💪

And so we have entered AV times (After Vegan). We are fully-fledged, plant-based loving, oat milk drinking, Vegans, and it was the easiest thing we've ever done. Starter? Chips. Main? Vegan Burg (with vegan cheese of course). Dessert? Apple Crumble. 🤤

Ok, so we have a fair bit to go, we definitely need to ween ourselves off Vegan junk food…..but it’s just so FRIGGIN GOOD. 🌱

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