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Tofu Presses, are they worth it? - Product Review!🧐

Guys. We bought our first Tofu Press four days ago, and for four days we've been eating Tofu. We have come to the conclusion that this is an absolutely essential product for us. 🤗🌱

Previously, I would use the old-time method of weighting plates with as many cans as I could stack (without them cascading over and landing inevitably my toes), and going through half a rainforest of kitchen towel to press Tofu. All this process did was put us off eating or cooking with Tofu, as the prep was such a mission!

Now we are not saying buy THIS brand. But we are saying, do whatever it takes to get yourself a Tofu Press if you haven't already. There are some great DIY press tutorials on YouTube, see a link to a super popular one right here.

We bought the brand Tofuture. Doha folks, we found this in Lakeland in Villagio for about 120QR. They retail online at £24.99, so about the same price. Find the link to their website here.

It's super easy to use and seems like a good quality purchase. The biggest benefit is the ease of use, we literally just pop Tofu into it before we go to sleep and make it for lunch or dinner the next day. We've had crispy air fried tofu, baked tofu, stir fry tofu and curry tofu and it's only day 4.

We got this from their website (just the text not the pictures), but this really applies to ALL tofu presses.

There are the 3 simple steps to use the press and start your Tofu Revolution:

Step 1: Remove the tofu from the packaging and drain off any excess water Step 2: Place the block into the inner tub, the green container with perforated holes

Step 3: Replace the lid, pull the elastic bands down around the hooks and push the handles down to impart a continuous pressure on the tofu.

Now leave the press in the fridge for the desired amount of time, you don’t need to return to the press to increase the pressure half-way through the pressing time. The longer you leave the tofu, the better it will be pressed. We recommend the following guideline pressing times depending on what you are making.

  • Short press, 15-30 mins – for ‘cheese’ sauce, ‘chocolate’ mousse or ‘cheese’cake

  • Medium press, 1-2 hours – for pasties, quiches and pies

  • Long press, 4 hours to overnight – for stir-fries, kebabs and baked tofu

When you’re ready to either marinate or cook your tofu, simply release the bands by opening the handles, remove the tofu and pour out the water. You’re ready to marinade, whiz, bake or fry your tofu.

So there you have it. Tofu presses are just ingenious and I'm so pleased we can now get much more of this superfood into our diets!

Tofu itself is a Super Food. It's such an amazing source of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. It is also a valuable plant source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese and phosphorous. In addition to this, it also contains magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1. Bow down to Tofu. It is AMAZING. Recipes soon to follow.

Credit to verywellfit.com for this image.

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