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Vegan Crack Exists...and we're addicts. 🤤

Hi, I'm Clare, and I'm an addict.

I tried it because my Vego friend's liked it, and at first, I just did it to fit in with the 🌱 community.

At first, it was just a spoonful. Every now and then. Just a wee hit. Maybe a bit on toast, maybe a bit spread on a cupcake....https://www.addictedtoveg.com/post/delectable-chocolate-cupcakes-vegan-hack-alert

Now, it's jar 2, and I'm on the 4th day of my first hit. SEND HELP.

If you haven't already, buy it and try it. Let's all be addicts together..... #Imapusher

Enjoy Vegos! 🌱💚

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