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We tried the Hangry Menu from Fresh Doha 🌱😋

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

If you haven't already seen them on the Doha Vegan scene, get out from under that rock, get yourself to the Vegan Qatar Facebook page, and get on to Fresh Doha's Facebook and Instagram.

Now imagine it's been, or is going to be, a long week. Cooking, prepping and cleaning are off the cards or at least the bottom of your list. Are you going to live off 2-minute noodles, vegan burgers and chips all week😳? Now as great as that sounds to some, let's face it, do that and you'll most likely end up with a hole in your pocket, and feeling sluggish, greasy and bloated😓. So what if there was someone who could deliver home-cooked, healthy and wholesome, plant-based food directly to your door. 🧐

Enter Fresh Doha.

We tried the 'Hangry' menu because let's face it, we're 'hangry' kinda people. They also have a 'Twiggy' menu and a 'Plant-Powered' menu for the more health-conscious of our vegan community💪🌱. There's something for everyone, and it's all home-cooked. WINNER🙌.

Sunday's dinner was the 'Hearty Vegetable Soup'. This veggie-packed wonder has a deliciously coconutty base and is so full of flavour. Potatoes, carrots, courgettes, mushrooms and celery, it was just what we needed after a long day. We popped some wholegrain toast on to serve with it and it was pure and simple comfort food🥰.

On Monday & Tuesday, we had the Chilli Con Carne (Probably would be better named Chilli SAN Carne😋), and the Grilled Vegetable Pasta.

First up, the Chilli. Now, on delivery, I was told that the mince used for this batch was a new type of vegan mince (recently in Carrefour Stores) called Denny's. Usually, the chef makes her own mince, however on this occasion they had used this mince. The flavours of the sauce and beans were nice, but for us, we are not fans of the flavour of the mince. It's literally just a matter of taste, and for us, Denny's is not our friend. This is no reflection on the chef however, and as we said before, it's a simple matter of taste preference with that brand of mince.

Next up, the pasta. A simple & wholesome dish, with a great selection of delicious grilled veggies and a little kick of chilli from the chilli oil🌶. This is the 'Hangry' menu, so we're not looking at calorie counting, but a wee bit too much oil for us😅.

For Wednesday and Thursday, we had The Big Green Jar and the BBQ Chick Peas with Cous Cous.

Now these were supposed to be for two nights, and god knows there's enough to easily feed 3-4, but on this night, we were absolutely starving. We hadn't had a proper lunch, so these jars were heaven-sent. WE ABSOLUTELY ADORED THEM🤤. These were hands down, our most favourite dishes from the week. The hummus in The Big Green Jar was one of the best tasting we have ever had, and we are BIG hummus people. The mixed beans, dressing, rice and cashews were just beautifully put together. 😍

The flavours complimented each other perfectly and soon enough we were speed eating to try and stop the other from shovelling everything into their gob. The sour cream and salsa worked perfectly with the couscous and peas. Now here's another revelation. The other half isn't a fan of whole chickpeas, he turns his nose up at mine ALL THE TIME. With the BBQ chickpeas, he devoured them. He also said "they're not DRY like yours are...." erm😑.... if that's not ground for a divorce, then what is?????

Don't judge this on the picture. I was too hungry for pretty, and whacked the whole thing in a bowl.

Now, for the process, you pop your cool bag outside, and you receive your deliveries on a Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday afternoon (you can request the timing)🚗. They come in a large glass jar with your name on it. A lovely touch. For people who start using this service, there is a one-off payment of 20QR per container to secure your own jars.

To check out more Fresh Doha products, and some MUCH nicer pictures than we took, please check out their Instagram page here. Warning....you will drool 🤤.

Now, we are a 'cooky' couple, and we cook at least 3-4 times a week💑. However, on a busy/stressful week, we will be straight on the phone to Fresh Doha. I can see this being fantastic for busy working professionals, or perhaps a godsend for the solo vegans in the family! Great food, and amazing service to boot.

Thank you Fresh Doha, for this fabulous week-long tastathon. We will see you again VERY soon no doubt!💚

Doha folks, get supporting our vegan community and place an order for Fresh...delivered straight to your door. Send them a WhatsApp on 6661 4643 & check out the amazing reviews on their Facebook page here. 🤗🌱

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